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House Havenstein

In the heart of Noordhoek, Cape Town, a unique architectural journey unfolded. A tale of vision, perseverance, and the harmonious coexistence of modern living with nature’s beauty. Amidst a protected grove of indigenous milkwood trees, the challenge was clear: create a home that leaves as much as possible of the precious ecosystem undisturbed. And provide for natural light and views amidst the tall trees.

The solution? A small footprint two-story house raised on columns, touching the earth lightly, maximizing natural light and revealing stunning beach views from the top floor and roof deck. Obstacles emerged, including permits from the Department of Forestry, a departure application for raising the house on columns and COVID-19 lockdowns that hampered the approval process. But the team persevered, and with approvals in hand, construction commenced in 2022. The house took shape, blending steel columns, floating concrete slabs, and highly insulated timber frame construction—an ode to innovation and sustainability. Clerestory windows welcome low-angle winter sunlight, and rainwater is harvested for irrigation.

The home, competed in July 2023 stands as a model of eco-conscious architecture —a testament to the harmony between human habitat and nature’s sanctuary. The client, contractor, and dedicated team joined forces to turn vision into reality. Today, as a result, the roof deck offers magnificent views over the milkwood trees to the distant beach and sea. This house symbolizes architectural ingenuity and environmental stewardship—a place where conscious living blends seamlessly with modern comforts. For those seeking a home that embraces nature and elevates it, this story beckons. It’s a testament to vision, collaboration, and the beauty of a dream realised. Now this example of eco conscious architecture stands tall amidst the milkwood trees of Noordhoek, Cape Town.


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W. van Schoor

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