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Pre-fabricated Overwater Chalet

Introducing our sustainable luxury overwater chalets, designed for resort destinations like the Maldives in collaboration with the T&B Group. Crafted with precision using state-of-the-art CNC machining and utilising sustainable South African plantation timber, these chalets offer a hassle free construction system and eco-friendliness.

Our overwater chalets, accessible by walkway, cater to developers, hotel groups, and beachfront property or island owners. The modular system allows for customization within broad parameters to meet specific customer needs. They can also be adapted for use as beach chalets.

The standard unit features an open-plan sea-facing bedroom area with steps leading down to a small living space, providing panoramic views of the ocean from both areas.

Allow your guests to indulge in a sea-view bathroom, a front deck with steps to the ocean, and a private small swimming pool. Recognizing the need for rest and recovery during holidays, our chalets provide serene holiday accommodation for guests to unwind and escape their busy lives.

Innovative Features:

  • The unit opens to the front and one side, allowing many to be lined up along a walkway without compromising privacy of each unit
  • A privacy screen with vertical angled slats along the one side ensures privacy while maintaining a sea view.
  • Louvered horizontal slats in front of a glazed gable allow plentiful natural light without glare.
  • The stepped floor level allows for sea views from the bed over the living area.

Built with eco-consciousness in mind, our chalets reduce environmental impact through prefabrication, minimizing on-site work and waste. The use of renewable materials aligns with our commitment to responsible design and construction.

Join us in redefining resort living with sustainable luxury. Whether you’re a developer, a hotel group, or a property owner, our prefabricated modular chalets offer an eco-friendly hassle free solution.

Elevate your resort experience with our eco-friendly chalets—where simplicity meets sustainability, designed for guests to find rest and recovery in their limited holiday time.