Jacques Cronje Timber Design

After 15 years of experience in both the construction and design of timber buildings, and as a result of my passion for timber buildings, I started my own practice ‘ Jacques Cronje Timber Design’ in 2007. The primary focus of the practice is the design and provision of architectural services for timber homes and projects.

Our aim with each design project, small or large, is to provide architectural design excellence as well as solutions that minimise environmental impact and maximise the efficient utilisation of materials, while focusing on the specific requirements of each client and site.

As a result of the use of the latest cutting edge design software, we are able to operate as a small practice, ensuring personal attention to every aspect of each project. We use  parametric modelling software, Archicad, where the design of a project is done in 3d from the outset, allowing for the designers to develop every detail of project by virtual construction of the building. As   the drawing documentation, rather than being drafted, is accurately generated from the relevant portions of the detailed 3d model, we are allowed more time to focus on design rather than drafting. Working in 3d also allows any design issues, which typically may only have been discovered on site, to already be resolved in the design phase.

We pride ourselves  in producing drawings and documentation that is precise and accurately detailed to exacting specifications. An in depth knowledge in all aspects of timber construction also allows us to provide a thorough contract administration service.

We maintain an updated knowledge and understanding of the South African building regulations and South African National Standards Codes, which allows us to efficiently guide our clients through all aspects of the regulatory environment and provide drawings and specifications to ensure compliance. This includes designing according to the latest energy efficiency  regulations, SANS Part XA, or rational design to comply with the requirements of SANS 204 Energy Efficiency, a service we provide inhouse and included with our standard service.

While  our focus is on design for construction with timber, we also incorporate  materials like concrete, stone and steel in many of our designs, depending on the specific requirements and best design solutions available for each project.