There are several options as to how we can assist you with architectural services for your new home.

1. Pre Property-Purchase Consultation
If you have not yet purchased your property but are keen to build some time in the future, have a shortlist of properties in mind and are just wanting advise to get started, then this is a good starting point. This includes a needs analysis, a basic feasibility and assistance with the selection of a suitable property from a shortlist of up to 3 properties in the same area. Our fee for this is a flat rate fee of R 5000.00

2. Standard Architectural Service

If you’ve bought your property and wanting to start building within a year, this is the service you’ll require. We offer a full service from concept to completion / handover of keys, or you can select a partial service. Refer our Guide to the Architectural Design and Building Process Document for the various architectural stages and scope of work.

3. Project Appraisal and Concept 

The Project Appraisal and Concept is offered as a low-commitment fixed price alternative to appointing us to provide the full architectural service. It is ideal for clients who already own the property they wish to develop, but are still uncertain of what or when they want to build, or want to know what they could build for their budget. It consists of Stages 1 (Inception) and Stage 2 (Concept and Viability) of the Standard Architectural Service. This will provide you with a concept design with plans, elevations and 3D perspectives as well as estimated project costs for your budgeting purposes. See this as the second step (after having purchased your property) on the road towards building your new home. Its a standalone service and you are free to use us, or any other architect to draughtsman of your choice, to continue the process to Local Authority plan approvals and construction documentation once you are ready to proceed further.

For more info download the Project Appraisal and Concept document.

Additional services include:

  • Project Management
  • Specialist timber design consulting
  • Modular and pre-fab building systems 
  • Product design – see our product design website minima

For more information and to get a fee estimate for your project please email us at or use the contact form.

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