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Situated on a steep slope over looking the Paarl valley, House Goosen is a combination of masonry construction, steel portal frames and timber framing.

The design draws from typical Cape Coastal architecture, with its dual pitch roofs and the front ‘stoep’ under the ‘afdak’ but using clean lines and minimal styling for a contemporary look. The architectural style departs from the Cape Coastal internally, with the entire living area being in one open plan volume. To achieve structural integrity with timber frame and the large open internal volume steel portal frames were used as the structural system. The contemporary styling is enhanced by leaving the structural elements exposed.

This is our first project designed in accordance with the new SANS 204 Energy Efficiency regulations, and the house features double glazing throughout, with sliding screens to control solar heat gain as well as to provide privacy.


The building methodology is a mix of post & beam and conventional timber framing. The living area has solid timber elements provide a logical clarity in the structure, with infill panels of either timber frame clad with fibre cement cladding or  glazed elements. With a singular plane roof over the most part of the house, differing floor levels provide hierarchy to the internal spaces. Large opening sliding and sliding folding doors make the most of the rural landscape.

Situated in the Swartland area of the Western Cape, large overhangs serve to protect from the harsh summer sun. The next phase is the addition of sliding and tilting shutters to the eastern and northern facades.


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ITFB Silver Award 2012


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Floor Plan